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Will one of your attorneys take my case?

Unless there is a conflict of interest with another client, our attorneys typically will help you with any of the services listed on our site. If you do not see your service listed or are unsure, please call us at 217-234-7123 and ask. (Our firm does not handle collections, evictions, adoption, divorce, custody, criminal, DUI, or bankruptcy cases.)

How do I set up an appointment?

Please call us at 217-234-7123. We like to set first-time appointments at least two weeks in advance so the attorneys have time to complete current matters and prepare to serve you. Please note two weeks is average, but will depend on the attorney’s calendar and the nature of your legal needs. If you have already met with one of our attorneys, we will get you in as soon as possible. Please be sure to make an appointment since we are rarely able to accommodate drop-in visits. Our attorneys want to devote their full attention to your questions and concerns.

What should I bring to an appointment?

We recommend that you make notes and write out questions before meeting with an attorney so you do not forget important details. The best way to prepare is to think about what you will be meeting about and the documents you possess. For example, if you are asking for help with a Probate matter, you could bring in copies of documents such as the Will or Trust, Death Certificate and other paperwork you have on hand. You can make sure to gather the correct documents by calling ahead.

Does your firm offer free legal advice or counsel?

No, we do not offer free legal services. You may and should ask for an estimate of the charges at your first office visit with an attorney. If you are concerned about payment, you can discuss this as well.

Do your attorneys take family law cases (divorce, child custody, etc.)?

No, our attorneys do not handle family law cases.

How can I check the status of my case or documents?

It is normal for our attorneys to take several weeks to draft most documents. We will contact you when drafts are ready for your review. You can call and a staff member will check on progress if you are concerned.